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AIHS (pronounced ‘ace’) is the  Artificial Intelligence and Human Systems Group.

Welcome to AIHS. Research themes of AIHS are including but not limited to:

Artificial Intelligence, Bias in AI, Explainable AI, Data Analytics, Natural Language Processing, Digital Humanities, Human-centred Computing, Data Science, ML, Deep Learning, Personalisation, Applications (business, education, industry, online e-*, etc.).

AIHS combines themes of high interest in the world today with real-life applications. AIHS already boasts connections to industry, and welcomes other companies looking for research solutions to their problems. 

AIHS includes specific niche areas to Durham – such as the connection to Digital Humanities – Durham University. It is bringing together Computer Science and Human Aspects and Systems. 

AIHS welcomes cross-disciplinary collaboration, within Durham and outside, on the international scene. AIHS collaborates with the School of Education, School of Business, Theology Department – to name but a few. AIHS additionally has connections with the N8 Research Partnership and N8 CIR groups, the Matariki International Network

AIHS is a friendly and dedicated group, including hands-on labs – the User-centric, User2User-interactive Data Analytics and Science lab (SCENE), the Learning lab, the Usability lab, as well as collaboration with others labs (Visualisation, Perception, Robotics).

AIHS invites talks from excellent researchers around the world, and welcomes international audiences to these talks. AIHS also hosts smaller scale, more intimate reading groups.  



Upcoming Events

If you want to be invited to AIHS talks and seminars, email us:

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